Project Helios is the codename for a long-term series of highly budgeted, technologically advanced, sci-fi LARP games.

Our main objective is to continue innovating and developing technologies unique to LARP games, while establishing Israel as the global leader of high end sci-fi content and LARP technology.

As part of the project, we are creating a low-tech sci fi game, with limited tech jargon. We aim to achieve a highly immersive environment, authentic to how we perceive the 23rd century.

On this site you can read about past and upcoming games in the project, learn about the game world and immerse yourself in our wiki.

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In a world where all power is corrupt
In a time when one person can make a difference
You must make a decision and take action
Those actions will echo through space forever

Upcoming Game

Mission to the Fringe is a collaborative game centered around immersion in a sci-fi environment by means of technology. Players are pushed to the edge and tested as Cadets of the Federation Navy. Out of the entire Navy Academy, 20 will be chosen to be sent on an exciting field trip.

This will be the second iteration – a rerun.

Previous Games

Mission to the Fringe – Iteration 1

Having learned a few lessons and having applied them to our craft, we were able to improve on the existing solid foundation we already had. Iteration-1 was a success. However, we felt room for improvement of this game remained and deserved a second iteration.

Mission to the Fringe – Testplay

Mission to the Fringe was a re-interpretation of “Where art thou Sol” into a more mundane and harsh futuristic setting. The test-play challenged the limits of the characters’ and players’ co-operation. The game took place in Tel Aviv.

Oh Sol, Where Art Thou?

“Oh Sol, Where Art Thou?” was a Proof of Concept game. The first game to make use of extended and custom functionality using dedicated hardware. In many ways this game paved the way for following games for in-door sci-fi setting. Players have donned the roles of cadets stranded in an unknown sector of space, possibly extra-solar, vying for a way home to Sol.
The game utilized approximately 15 computers and took place in a Tel-Aviv apartment.

Training Day

Training Day was a multi-bridge game, pitting 6 different ships and crews into a single environment. The game featured cooperative play as well as adversarial elements. Each ship was limited to a bridge crew only. The game took place in Tel Aviv.

Silent Harmony (1-4)

Silent Harmony was a series of outdoor sci-fi LARPs. In Approximately 20 players took on the roles of various corporates, freelancers or privateers as they explored the colony-gone-silent: Harmony. In the dark corners of the colony, many dangers lurked and secrets awaited to be explored.
The game utilized Airsoft technology to facilitate combat and required appropriate protective measures, as well as strict regulations and took place at the Beit Berl Paintball and Airsoft  facility.
Silent Harmony ran a total of 4 times. This allowed the team to keep optimizing the experience.